Managed Cloud Services

XTS CloudCARE Methodology

XTS CloudCARE provides the foundational building blocks for your cloud services, it’s a unique approach to deliver a variety of enterprise grade cloud services, standardized, secure and consistent around the globe. One of the key enabler of today’s digital business transformation is cloud computing and we solve complex business problems using the cloud services.

Guranteed Up-Time

99.9% uptime with best-in-class server providers.

24/7 Priority Support

Invariably monitoring system & professional support system.

Managed Security

Thorough endpoint toolkits that saves IT resources.

Solve your business problems with proven combinations of Azure services and related products. Whether you’re just beginning in the cloud, or have years of experience developing cloud-based application.

Amazon Web Services delivers a mature set of services specifically designed for the unique security, compliance, privacy, and governance requirements of large organizations.

Secure, global, high-performance, cost-effective and constantly improving. We’ve built our cloud for the long haul powerful data and analytics. Let google cloud transform your business.

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XTS TechCARE Methodology

Our TechCARE Methodology is focused on reducing your work and improving efficiency. You don’t need to worry about silos or disruptions in your work. We can help your teams collaborate and communicate better, make data storage hassle free for you and make overall work more efficient. We cover data security and storage issues as well and have expert team to make your digital journey enjoyable and worth it.


Connect and collaborate better with new-age tools.

Organize In One Place

Set reminders, Meetings and never miss what’s on your plate.